Certified Burnout Resilience + NLP Coach, Product Manager

I'm here to make Monday mornings your favorite time of the week.

Why? Because you're downright incredible at what you do. You know it (even if imposter syndrome gets in the way), your family knows it, your team knows it, even your dog even knows it. You've got massive goals, know you have the skills to get there, and have always been fired up to get what you want. That business you want to start? The promotion you're after? The house you want to buy?

It's waiting for you.

HOWEVER, lately you've been feeling tired yet wired, unable to sleep, irritable with colleagues, anxious before work, emotionally distraught, unable to focus, and a diminished sense of accomplishment. The drive & grind that powered you this far seems to be gone and you're starting to feel like those life goals you set are slipping away right in front of you.

Sound familiar?

You're burnt out (and that's ok).


52% of all workers are burnt out.

I'm here to change that stat.

As a former senior product manager working in tech, people-pleaser, corporate-ladder climber, and all around get it done against all odds-er, I get it.

By my mid-twenties, I’d let my fear of not being good enough control my behaviours to the point of burning out. I was exhausted, anxiety-ridden, cynical, and unable to decide what to wear to work without breaking down. Life felt dull yet chaotic as I watched massive goals I'd set for myself float away.

A pivotal moment came when I confessed to having a panic attack for breakfast, a migraine for lunch, and a date with my email inbox for dinner. A friend's words sparked a much-needed change:

"Gabs, self-neglect will be your demise."

Patterns of self-neglect (ie. no self-care, no boundaries, and a 'me vs. the world attitude') all in the name of 'career success' had pushed me to sacrifice my health for material nothingness... (can you relate?)

Weeks of soul searching (ie. self-help books, podcasts, and coaching) illuminated that while my ego was thriving, my body was failing. The the life & career I desired would not materialise at the speed I was going.

So on a cold January morning, I took a deep breath and said "let's get to work".

I gave up alcohol, started moving my body, and learned to say "no" to extra work, got comfortable with being still, and began identifying, accepting, and re-writing the limiting beliefs that kept me burnt out. Within several months, I was a new version of myself: Resilient, Primed, and Purposeful.

This practice now underpins The RPP Method, my signature program that empowers ambitious (burnt out) professionals to cultivate the calm, overwhelm-free mind, body, and soul needed to achieve your goals in life.

Whether you're going for a promotion, thinking about starting your own business, or applying for a new role, The RPP Method will provide you with the resilience needed to get it done, burnout-free.

Here's a sample of what I help you do

(Because yes, I know you're thinking "but I can't get better" and I'm here to reassure you, you can. I've seen it work.)


Sleep... a champ so you can create your best work & build your empire



...those racing thoughts that derail your day and wake you up at 2-am so you can invest your brain power into what moves the needle



...throughout your hectic day to keep your energy levels high without 4 cups of coffee so you can show up for yourself & those around you.


Look... the mirror and feel confident and proud of that person so you can blast away imposter syndrome and start playing big


Say no...

...even when when your people-pleasing tendencies want to say "YES" so you can reserve your energy to create big plans & execute them



...the chaos & pressure you think you need to get stuff done so you can operate to timelines that you own, not that own you



...the life & career you know you want without letting the path there exhaust you

"I could not sleep before I started working with Gabriela. I'd doom scroll Instagram until 4am to calm my anxiety, feel exhausted the next day, and still push myself toward promotions. Gabriela has helped me detach my identity from my job, which to my surprise has helped me achieve new professional milestones. Lessening the pressure on myself allowed me to invest in areas (mindset, fitness, boundaries) that got me closer to my goals."

- Adam (USA)

"I desperately needed to change career paths but lacked any confidence or energy to do so. I was stuck in a toxic job with no way out. Gabriela helped me regain my energy and build the confidence needed to make the jump to a new role. Within 2 months I had 3 offers. I did it."

- Emma (UK)

Let's get one thing straight.

Rest is a right, not a reward. Trouble believing that? Keep reading.

Introducing, The RPP Method.

The RPP Method is your 12-week roadmap to going from an ambitious (yet burnt TF out) professional to a resilient, primed, and purposeful ROCKSTAR.

The RPP Method equips you with the emotional & physical toolkit needed to thrive burnout-free in your body, mind, and career. From Day 1, The RPP Method progressively empowers you to address immediate stressors and achieve long-term fulfillment, purpose, and success in your professional and personal life.


The Resilient Phase is all about understanding your own self-imposed limitations, accepting your limiting beliefs, and augmenting your strengths to become the most resilient version of yourself. We do this through a series of practical energy & time audits, NLP mindset reprogramming, and guided lifestyle changes.


The Primed Phase focuses on building a burnout-proof emotional toolkit filled with self-care strategies, resilient boundary systems, and community support. We craft this toolkit to your specific needs and use it to heal from current and prevent future burnout.


The Purposeful Phase dives into creating a career that works for you. We dive into your core life values, map these against your desired career path, and create an aligned career plan. Whether your goal is to get promoted or start your own business, the Purposeful Phase ensures your next steps are burnout-free and stay that way.

Ready for a taster of The RPP Method?

During your Burnout Resilience Call, I take you through Day 1 of The RPP Method for free.

This isn't your normal discovery call. Yes, there will be a sales pitch at the end & yes you can decide not to proceed (this is a two-way street, you've got to feel it too!) BUT, we start coaching from the minute the call starts. No one deserves to live chronically burnout.

If you're curious what the call entails, we will identify the source of your burnout, visualize your desired career, and begin creating a path to get there. Simple as that.

Who is The RPP Method for?

Someone who knows that to make big changes, they need accountability to follow through. Someone who loves a second opinion and bounding ideas off of someone before making big changes. Someone who knows big changes are needed but can't find the path to start. Someone who knows they lack the systems, self-care routines, boundaries, and community needed to start climbing this mountain & reach the top.

“I’d tried exercise, meditation, time off work, fancy eye many different burnout recovery trends and nothing worked for me. Gabriela helped me understand the source of my burnout and took me through a combination of deep inner healing, practical strategies, and mindset work. I broke up with my burnout and now know what to do if it ever creeps back.

Celine F.

London, UK

What is included with The RPP Method?

How we create the burnout-free life & career you deserve in 3 months.


Each week we spend 50 mins on coaching techniques for building Resilience, becoming Primed, and finding Purpose.

We focus on slow and intentional changes (no all or nothing mentality over here!) that beat burnout and up-level your resilience.


Breakthroughs happen throughout the week! Send me a quick text or voice note to share your win & strategize next steps.

My job as a coach is to empower you always (during business hours -- hey boundaries!), not only during our weekly sessions.


It's your dream, I'm just here to help you make it happen. Hard work is required, but I'm on that mountain with you!

I help you recognize and appreciate the incredible growth you are experiencing, and keep you accountable to the goals you want to achieve.


  • Ex-People Pleaser
  • Ex-Perfectionist
  • Ex-Workaholic
  • Ex-Constant "What-If-er"
  • Ex-Red-wine-to-manage-stress-er
  • Ex-Digital Dopamine Addict

But always still a work in progress!

  • ICF-certified Life Coach
  • ICF-certified Success Coach
  • ICF-certified NLP Practitioner
  • ICF-certified Mindset Coach
  • Certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner
  • Certified Thought Field Therapy (TFT) Practitioner